When Inspiration comes…

…it comes in spades.  In rushes.  In unending spirals.  In flooded banks, washed with colour.

Well, if I’m lucky it does.  And in the last 24 hours, it has.

The “writer juices” were initially sparked by watching, as mentioned in the previous post, the film “Julie & Julia”.  Then last night, while my husband did Day 1 of his new 60-day workout challenge, I was knitting a lace scarf (details to come), and listening to one of my favourite knitting podcasts (yes, I listen to knitting podcasts while I’m knitting – I’m a geek, I know) called “Cast On“, a song came on that blew me away.

The song is called “Kolysanka” (from what I have read, means “lullaby” or “cradle song” in Polish) by the indie British band “3 Blind Mice”.  It’s hard to describe – iTunes has the song and the albums of this band if you would like to hear part of the song.  It’s sweet, but sad, driving and melodic.  The lyrics are a bit sad too, and sound very much like a bittersweet lullaby. 

Besides being a beautiful, powerful song that has been haunting me since I heard the opening vocals, it put me in mind of a secret little project I’ve had in my head for over a year now.  A story, either to become a novel, or a screenplay.  This song, “Kolysanka”, told me it wanted to be part of the story, somehow.  Which means that a screenplay is more likely.  And really, as I have very clear visuals of many scenes and the majority of the plot laid out – hell, I even have the leading man picked out – how could it not be a movie?

Yes, I know, avid movie-maker that I am, this all should be breeze, right?  Ah, a girl can dream.  And this one does…

More on this as it unfolds.

But now for a bit of knitting.  What am I working on?  Besides having more WIPs (Works in Progress) than I care to admit to, I’m focusing on two main projects right now.  One is a hoodie pullover, knit in one piece, top-down, in a worsted BFL (Blue-Face Leicester) wool called “QED” from The Sanguine Gryphon (an indie dyer like me, but much bigger than me).  The yarn was a light brown with pink undertones, which I didn’t care for, so I overdyed the lot in a deep, warm mahogany.  I am now working my way across the chest.  It’s basic stockinette stitch and wonderful mindless when I want to not think about my knitting too much.

When I do want to (need to?) focus on the pattern and knitting, I turn to my other WIP – a lace scarf, called “la Novia” by Anne Hanson, worked in a DK-weight yarn.  I’m using, surprise, surprise, another Sanguine Gryphon yarn called “Free Range”.  It’s a soft, organic merino and is working up really nicely in this pattern.  This is definitely a pattern that I have to pay attention to – the six-row repeat of lace have different instructions from each other, but just subtly enough that a slip up of “what row am I on?” can muck things up.  I’ve only had to rip back 1 1/2 rows once so far when things didn’t line up.  I think I missed a YO (yarn over).

So from stockinette to lace, I’ve enough to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.  Then I get to move on to the many sock projects that lie waiting for me in that “hibernating projects” wicker basket in the corner of my living room.  I can feel them all, the single socks, scowling at me and wanting to know when their perfect mates will be created.  If I give up sleep for the next three months to just knit, do you think anyone will notice?


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